The Black Box

“the black box” is an educational program on contemporary theatre encompassing different formats: lectures, public discussions, workshops, etc. and addressing theatre in the international, national, and local contexts. The program aims at reinforcing the capacity of Ukrainian theatre workers creating a space for learning, experience exchange and communication.

2019 — now
14 Events
Jam Factory Infopoint Mekhanichna St./ 3, Lviv

“The black box” symbolizes Ukrainian contemporary theatre space. It is commonly known that a black box is the box investigators search for in the event of a plane crash to figure out the real reason for the catastrophe. However, the device called a black box is not a box per se, but a spherical or cylindrical case which is not even black, but bright orange.

These two definitions are the basis for understanding of the programme: the contemporary theatre can acquire any form regardless of the proclaimed or standardized ones. And even though these forms are occasionally difficult to comprehend, they are the only opportunity to build up the cause-effect relations to understand their sources and senses.

Consequently, we hope to contribute to the development of the new generation of Ukrainian artists — through the cultivation of openness, self-awareness and development of critical approach to theatrical art.

The videos of the lectures are available via the links below:

Lecture by Anna Ulyura “The first women playwrights: why were they so easily forgotten?”

Lecture by Veronika Skliarova “The bottom of classical theater. What is modern theater?”

Lecture by Joanna Vihovska “Who censors the theater and why?”

Lecture by Roza Sarkisian “Political theater”

Lecture by Anastasiia Voitiuk “Inclusive theater”

Lecture by Oksana Cherkashyna “Theater and democracy”

Lecture by Yana Svobodova “Social theater”

Lecture by Dmytro Levytskyi “Theater and the city”

Discussion “Theater and reality”

Lecture by Olena Apchel “To love or not to love. How did performance appear? P.1

Lecture by Olena Apchel “To love or not to love. How did performance appear? P.2

Publications in the “Korydor” magazine:

Dmytro Levytskyі “Theater and the city” 

Roza Sarkisіan “Political theater”

Oksana Cherkashyna “Theater and democracy: the paradox of emancipation”

Project Coordinator

Bohdan Hrytsiuk
Bohdan Hrytsiuk

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