Jam Factory Art Center team is committed to implement its vision: opening an interdisciplinary center of contemporary art in the revitalized space of Jam Factory premises, which through its educational activities, exhibitions and research will reflect current processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, and will open opportunities for public dialog.


Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution. To us, this means being active in a certain space and certain time, taking a critical stance towards global and local social processes, as well as representing and supporting artists and art professionals who show active social and political interest in their particular circumstances.

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Jam Factory Art Center is a space for presenting new art trends and discovering new names; a place for implementing our own and partnered cultural and art projects, holding brought in exhibitions, art festivals and performances, and a platform for international cultural and artistic collaboration.

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Developing professional and non-professional education in the field of art and culture is Jam Factory Art Center’s top-priority area. All our projects are accompanied by a number of educational activities. We strive to be the platform for holding discussions on the most relevant artistic and philosophical ideas and phenomena, raising issues of societal importance, initiating interaction and exchange between artists, cultural professionals, and various visitors – adults, youth and children.

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Jam Factory Art Center is a part of the international cultural scene due to its extensive network of partnerships, but primarily, our team focuses on presenting, developing, and exploring Ukrainian and East European art.

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At the same time, we plan to gradually increase our research potential by forming a pool of curators and theorists through educational programs in order to subsequently carry out our own research projects, produce knowledge, and participate in composing contemporary art history.

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Jam Factory Art Center was founded by the historian and cultural entrepreneur Harald Binder. Currently, a small team is involved with revitalizing the former industrial complex at 124 Khmelnytskoho Street , while at the same time developing the institution’s strategy and programs.

Bozhena Pelenska

Program Executive Director

Tetiana Fedoruk

Finance Executive director

Liuba Ilnytska

Theater Projects Curator

Liliia Bei

Main Accountant

Anna Haidai

Visual Art Project Manager

Olena Kasperovych

Visual Art Project Manager

Ivan Kostyk

Technical support

Mariia Shvets

Senior Communications Manager

Levko Pidzharyі

Administrative Specialist

Herbert Pasterk

Construction and design director

Mariia Kosiichuk

Theater Project Manager

Yuliana Chorna

Junior Communications Manager