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Welcome to the Jam Factory Art Center digital press kit, where you will find images and information about the institution and its mission.

Jam Factory Art Center is a center of contemporary art in the revitalized space of Jam Factory premises, which through its educational activities, exhibitions, and research will reflect current processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, and will open opportunities for public dialog.


In 2015, historian and cultural promoter from Vienna Harald Binder bought the factory and initiated its revitalization through his organization “Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises” (HBCE). An international architectural competition followed in 2015, in which Stefan Rindler Architectural Bureau from Vienna was selected as a winner. Thus, the long process of consolidating the land plots, getting permissions, and adapting the Austrian project to the Ukrainian laws and regulations in partnership with the local “AVR Development” bureau started. In the meantime, the team of the project, led by Bozhena Pelenska, is working on institution-building, with a grant program, educational lecture series, exhibitions, and art fellowship residences, functioning in the temporary locations nearby (Binder, 2019; Zakaliuzhna, 2019; Kovalchuk, 2019; Chaplinskyi, 2019).

Current state:

In October 2019, the implementation of the revitalization project started, directed by Herbert Pasterk. It includes the restoration and adaptation of the two buildings listed as monuments of local significance, as well as the construction of new additional premises to produce and host theater plays, performances, exhibitions, workshops, and other events. There will also be a cafe and open public spaces. The complete renovation and building of the complex are planned for 2023.

Media contacts:

Mariia Shvets, communication manager of Jam Factory Art Center
[email protected]

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(Ua) Гаральд Біндер 

(Ua) Божена Пеленська

(Ua) Тетяна Федорук

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