Dreams of Pidzamche

It is a project within the framework of “Doing Things Together”, which took place in Lviv and Minsk in 2016-2017 and involved contemporary artists from Ukraine, Sweden and Belarus, as well as children who reside in Pidzamche area. Over the course of the project all participants could join in the creative process of shooting a video about their neighborhood.

13-20 March 2017
Jam Factory Infopoint Mekhanichna St./ 1, Lviv

A series of film workshops for teenagers was launched near the Jam Factory building. It involved professional teams of artists from Sweden, Belarus and Ukraine. The “Film Workshop. Pidzamche” project’s aim was to discover interesting and unknown life of the industrial area of Pidzamche through the eyes of local teenagers. These children had the opportunity to become film heroes, directors and cameramen. They could get to know the secrets of sound directing or try themselves in acting. It is one of the new art projects that took place near the Art Center buildings and was dedicated to helping local residents as well as everyone in Lviv change what they think of this industrial area and mobilize local residents through joint participation in a creative process.

The lecturers of the “Film Workshop. Pidzamche” were: Sybrig Dokter (Sweden), Shida Shahabi (Sweden), Serhiy Petliuk (Ukraine), Kateryna Radchenko (Ukraine), Sofija Sadovskaja (Belarus), Bazil (Belarus).

On Saturday, 18 March 2017, in a venue near the Jam Factory (Mekhanichna Street, 1) a presentation of week-long teenagers’ efforts was held: exhibition of works, film screening and discussion of positive changes in the environment with the help of cultural intervention.

The lecturers

Sybrig Dokter
Sybrig Dokter Sweden
Shida Shahabi
Shida Shahabi Sweden
Serhiy Petliuk
Serhiy Petliuk Ukraine
Kateryna Radchenko
Kateryna Radchenko Ukraine
Sofija Sadovskaja
Sofija Sadovskaja Belarus
Bazil Belarus


Doing Things Together
Doing Things Together

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