“Alive” as media and medium of art

Andrii Linik’s lecture as part of the “Navigation 2023” program

21/03/2023 | 18:00
Mekhanichna 5 Реєстрація

About the lecture

The desire to control “alive” and adapt it to one’s ideas and needs has a long history. Human has been acting towards transformation and modification of “living” for a long time. The rapid development of digital technologies has become a condition for reaching a critically new level in working with the materiality of the “living”. Through the mediation of bio- and genetic technologies, humans have been allowed to shape and modify nature based on their ideas.

Such changes created new opportunities for artists to move to scientific laboratories to work with the “alive” as a medium and medium of art. As part of the lecture, we will consider the development and examples of a relatively new practice — bio-art.

About the lecturer

Andrii Linik is an artist and curator who lives in Lviv. His practice focuses on art&science, profound media art, media archeology, sound art, and hybrid art. Curator and participant of international projects and events at the edge of art, science, and technology. One of the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems founders in Lviv in 2008. Since 2018, he has been a guest lecturer at the Department of Cultural Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Since 2020, he has headed RadioGarage, a municipal institution engaged in research, experimentation, and education in the field of sound and radio as artistic mediums.