Artists in War

In response to the ongoing full-scale war against our country, we launched a program to support the communities of independent art and culture in Ukraine.

March 2022 – March 2023
Jam Factory Art Center


After the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian artists and art professionals remained among the most vulnerable professional groups in society as almost all art institutions and other agents of the creative sector had ceased to operate: some have closed, migrated, or lay in ruins. All of the country’s financial needs had been redirected to support Ukraine’s armed forces in resisting Russian aggression. This effort was crucial for our survival.

Nevertheless, art and culture were most needed to reflect on reality dominated by violence and pain in these times of deepest crisis for the country. We needed the hands and the voices of artists to express in a profound and lasting way what happened in our minds and souls.

The Jam Factory Art Center was envisioned as a cultural space where the various art disciplines meet in a time of peace. We launched the Artists in War Program to support and encourage artists to return to artistic work and become voices of the society living through the most devastating times.


We offered one-time financial support to artists and curators in various fields of art (theater, music, cinema, visual arts) who are active in their sector and have the opportunity to reflect on wartime in their works.

The amount of one-time financial support was UAH 20,000*.

*presently circa 550-600 EUR, 600-670 USD, 450-600 GBP


  1. Sasha Kurmaz – visual artist and performer.
  2. Oleksii Shatalov – music producer, composer, sound designer.
  3. Lera Polianskova – actress, media artist, musician.
  4. Anton Tkachenko – artist, co-founder, and curator of the artist-run space Garage “127” in Kharkiv.
  5. Danylo Halkin – curator and artist who works with public space.
  6. Roman Mykhailov – a contemporary artist who works with installations, large forms, graphics, and paintings.
  7. Viktor Ruban – dancer, performer, director, choreographer, researcher, and coach.
  8. Olha Kuziura – an artist who works with paintings, graphics, and installations.
  9. Ihor Aronov – actor, performer, director, teacher.
  10. Larysa Boruta – contemporary ceramic artist.
  11. Nikon Romanchenko – an artist in the field of film production. Producer, editing director, stage director, screenwriter. In 2021, he received an award for the best directorial work in the national competition program of the Odesa International Film Festival
  12. Yuriі Musatov – ceramic artist, and teacher who rethinks traditional forms of work with ceramics.
  13. Leo Trotsenko – curator and artist who works with performance, video, and sound.
  14. Veronika Cherednychenko – Contemporary visual artist, who works with abstract and non-figurative art.
  15. Andrii Roik – an artist who works with painting, graphics, collage, ceramics and public painting.
  16. Nazar Furyk – an artist and independent photographer. Combining artificial objects and the natural environment, emphasizes and rethinks their fragility.
  17. Eduard Balula – a graphic artist, a specialist in visual practices. Has numerous exhibitions and awards, participated in international competitions.
  18. Oleksandra Makarska – an artist from Donetsk. Engaged in painting. Her works were exhibited at international exhibitions in Greece, Germany and the USA.
  19. Mariia Bohomolova – an artist from Kharkiv, works with visual art.
  20. Maryna Dovganych – an architect and artist. In her artistic practice, she combines visual and audiovisual art, and her main visual language – hand-drawn animation, she directs original cartoons.
  21. Polina Shcherbyna – a contemporary artist. Works mainly in painting, sometimes combining it with objects, audio and video.
  22. Valeriia Sochyvets – a director and producer from Kyiv. Program director of the GOGOLFEST cinema (2014-2017). Founder of “Suk” organization. Board Member of the Ukrainian Film Academy.
  23. Olha Yeriemieieva – a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography, video, graphics and 3D forms.
  24. Iryna Vorona – a mixed media artist, works with visual art. Explores time, light, and disappearing realities.
  25. Oleh Kotsarev – poet, novelist, translator, and journalist. Laureate of numerous literary prizes, co-editor of the anthology Ukrainian avant-garde poetry (1910-1930s), member of the Ukrainian PEN.
  26. Olena Kainska is an artist from Lviv. Works with dream paintings and deep metaphysical meanings.
  27. Vladyslav Rіaboshtan is an artist, works in the technique of painting (oil, acrylic, enamel, etc.), screen printing, aerosol paint.
  28. Vitaliі Matukhno is a curator and artist working with electronic and experimental music. Co-organizer of Terrafox festivals, LAMPA.doc. Created and curated the Gareleya Neotodryosh.
  29. Mykola Kolomіiets is an artist and head of the Aza Nizi Maz art studio. Conducts free classes for children in the Kharkiv metro and an art project – the poster diary “What I See”.
  30. Tetіana Pavlіuk is an artist who works in cinema and contemporary art. The curator of a group exhibition of artists in the “HotArtHall” gallery researched the urban context of Kyiv.
  31. Viktoriіa Berezina is an artist, graphic designer, organizer of creative events, co-founder, and curator of the art festival “Mycelium” (Kherson). She works in various areas of fine art: collage, digital collage, graphics, and painting.
  32. Yuriі Denysenkov is a film and television artist. He works in film and television and is engaged in painting. The central theme of the works is the fear and loneliness of human existence in an urban society.
  33. Nataliia Lisova is an artist, art critic, practitioner, and researcher of Ukrainian landscape art, a graduate student at NAOMA, living in Kyiv.
  34. Olha Rodzik is an artist and fashion designer. She works with digital illustration and animation. The main art focus is on characters, their emotional spectrum, and portraying body flexibility. The theme of art is often the world of fashion.

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