Lecture by Andrii Boyarov “Majaki”

Lecture and discussion about modernist art of interwar Lviv

2/11/2022 | 18:00

Majaki (“delusion” in Polish) was the name of one of the devastating reviews of the exhibition “Futurists, Cubists and Others,” which took place in the summer of 1913 at the Industrial Museum of Lviv. Now, this building is the main building of the National Museum in Lviv. The exhibition was organized by Europe’s leading avant-garde gallery, “Der Sturm” (Berlin). Before the exposition in Lviv, the exhibition visited other European capitals, from London to Vienna and Budapest, from where it arrived in Lviv. The artistic avant-garde and modernism of Lviv started from this exhibition. The event and several later exhibitions and art actions made Lviv one of the essential centers of Central European modernism.
The lecture touched on the early history of Lviv photography and demonstrated the connection between the artistic avant-garde and photographic experiments of the beginning of the 20th century.
Andrii Boyarov, Bozhena Pelenska, and Vlodko Kostyrko participated in the discussion.
Bohdan Shumylovych moderated the meeting.

The video lecture was created within the framework of the Urban History Center’s program “Urban Fragments: Space, Media and Visuality” with the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland).