Film Intermezzo and artist talk by Dasha Chechushkova




27 of April | 18:00

The film “Intermezzo” was created during the “Et in Arcadia Ego” residence in Cagliari under the auspices of Quadriennale di Roma. For two months, the artist created and erased drawings every day in a sterile place of an abandoned tobacco factory. Each image in the film illustrates the one-year travel, consisting of episodes of farewell and return, a permanent state of being torn apart between the beginning of a full-scale invasion and the expectation of victory.

“Intermezzo” is an Italian word meaning a small piece of music performed in the intervals between acts of a tragedy or opera, or simply “intermission” – “life on pause.” The hero of Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi’s novel Intermezzo flees to the Kononiv fields in search of balance and peace, trying to overcome mental fatigue. For an artist from Ukraine, a short-term stay on an Italian island becomes a rethinking moment, allowing her to stop and look back on the past year.

Dasha Chechushkova is a native of Odesa who participates in the “Navigation 2023” program. She studies the theory and history of art at NAOMA. She explores the relationship between people and the environment by working with space, collecting modern folklore into the primary medium — a notebook-diary, from which a “room of events” grows.