Our proactive team is the driving force behind the art center’s work. Since 2017, we have been implementing artistic, educational, and community-oriented projects in contemporary art.

Swiss historian, Ph.D. in history and economics from the University of Bern. His research focuses on the history of Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, Habsburg Galicia, urban history, media, and the public sphere in the transition to modernity. As an entrepreneur and cultural patron, he founded the Center for Urban History (2004), Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises (2015), and the Jam Factory Art Center (2017).

Harald Binder
Art Center Founder

Bozhena is responsible for the Art Center’s development strategy, program development, management, and institutional development. She developed the concept and program activities of the Art Center. She studied Cultural Studies, Art History, Philosophy and Art Management. She has participated in international programs of cultural management, cultural diplomacy and exchange programs. She graduated from the University of Lviv and the University of Ottawa with a degree in Cultural Studies. She is currently a graduate student at the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, University of Maryland.

Bozhena Pelenska
Program and Executive Director

Tetiana is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of the Center’s business model. She is also responsible for financial and management accounting, operational processes, and team management. Tetiana provided financial support for approximately 100 grant projects as CFO of the Center for Urban History. She holds ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (2021) and Financial Accounting Managerial Decision Making (2022) from DePaul University. She is currently a student on the Key Executive MBA program at the UCU Business School.

Tetiana Fedoruk
Operations and Executive Director

 Herbert is a designer and technical expert from Austria who specializes in old buildings. He worked in different countries and has his own office for design, concepts, and project steering in Vienna.

Herbert Pasterk
Construction and Design Director

Together with Herbert Pasterk, Levko is responsible for the architectural design and technical implementation of the Art Center’s building complex. He also provides technical support for the institution’s events. He has worked as an architect in the field of urban planning. He has also designed and realized his own projects, ranging from single-family homes to interior design.

Levko Pidzharyi
Administrative Specialist

Responsible for the organization of accounting and financial records of the art center.

Worked in the private sector as a chief accountant, and has experience in automating and optimizing accounting processes, tax planning, setting up and restoring accounting.

Rymma Hladka
Chief Accountant

Nataliia is responsible for keeping the institution’s accounting and financial records, control over the timeliness, correctness of record keeping, interaction with counterparties and financial institutions.

Nataliia Pidtserkovna
Finance Manager

Anna is responsible for the development, curation and coordination of art residencies of the international platform Magic Carpets. She is co-curator of the platform’s final exhibition in the program of Tartu Capital of Culture 2024. She is a co-founder of the NGO PhotoCULT Center, co-organizer of international festivals and exhibitions. She promotes photography through local and international projects and educational programs. Areas of professional interest: art projects in cooperation with local communities, interdisciplinary projects.

Anna Haidai
Visual Arts Project Manager

Olena is responsible for developing, curating and coordinating visual art projects: “Navigation”, “Navigation 2023” and “Artist in War”. She has curated exhibition projects in Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, and the UK, co-founded the NGO Cultural Traffic, worked as a curator at the Yermilov Center, interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, and worked on the team of the Liverpool Biennial 2018.

Olena Kasperovych
Visual Arts Project Manager

Yuliia is responsible for developing, coordinating and curating visual art projects. She is the founder of the project FOL’GA Street gallery. She has curated exhibitions and educational projects in Ukraine, Iceland, Latvia and other countries. She has worked as a curator at the Nordic House in Reykjavik. Her interests include finding new tools to address important social issues through art and maximizing the involvement of different audiences on an emotional and intellectual level.

Yuliia Sapiha
Visual Arts Project Manager

Lyuba is a specialist in drama study and playwright. Since 2022, she has been developing the program of theater projects and events of the Art Center. She is responsible for communication with Ukrainian and international partners and for engaging artists in cooperation. She has worked as the head of the literary and dramatic department of the Les Kurbas Theater. She has taught theater studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and participated in independent theater projects.

Lіuba Ilnytska
Theater Curator

Vladyslav is responsible for the organization of all production processes of theatrical performances. This includes cooperation with contractors, assisting at rehearsals and making purchases. He has 3 years of experience in the Lesia Ukrainka theater.

Vladyslav Bilonenko
Production manager of performative projects

Dmytro is responsible for developing engineering solutions for audio-visual projects, technical support for the institution’s theatrical and musical events. He has considerable experience in concert sound engineering and technical support of events: collaborated with Serhii Zhadan (“Mannerheim Line”), Pur:Pur, “Mertvyi Piven”, and Solomiia Chubai. He was also the technical director of concerts and at the Lviv Opera, worked on some projects at FESTrepublic events. In Kharkiv, he was the technical manager of the underground space Art Area DK and the creative event space Promodo Hub.

Dmytro Chyryk
Chief AV Engineer

Nadiia informs and coordinates visitors on the art center’s territory. She is studying the management of socio-cultural activities at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Nadiia has experience of internships at cultural institutions of Lviv, volunteering at youth public organizations, the short film festival, and various cultural events.

Nadiia Saraieva
(Ua) Рецепціоністка

Anastasiia is responsible for communication with visitors, selling exhibition tickets and Jam Factory merchandise. She is currently studying at the Department of History and Theory of Arts at the Lviv National Academy of Art and had experience in organizing exhibitions and volunteering in various cultural projects.

Anastasiia Vasylenko

Ulyana is responsible for the translation of the website content, media materials and documents from Ukrainian to English and vice versa.

Ulyana Kudla

Yuliana is responsible for social media communication and website content. She studied Cultural Studies at UCU and Art History at LNAM. She has experience in organizing art auctions. She has volunteered in various cultural projects.

Yuliana Chorna
Communication Manager

Previously at the Team

Ivan Kostyk
Technical Manager

Polina is responsible for planning and coordinating educational projects and programs. Studied film and television directing and organized music and educational events in Lviv and Kyiv. She is also the founder of the Troista initiative.

Polina Zapolska
Educational Program Manager

Mariia is responsible for the organization of theatre projects. She is experienced in managing inclusive projects, has participated in international theater conferences. She is an Erasmus+ Scholar of the Cultural Studies Program at the University of Viadrina, and acted in the performance “Eight Short Compositions about the Life of Ukrainians for Western Audience” at the Czech Archa Theater.

Mariia Kosiichuk
Theater Project Manager

Krystyna is responsible for planning and realization of events in the art center.

She studied journalism, publishing and editing and worked at The Old Lion Publishing House.

She has extensive experience in organizing cultural events: the Kit Gavatovycha Theatre Festival, literary parties at the Book Lion Bookstore, film screenings at the Kinopalace on Teatralna Street, and vintage markets at Tlum & Kram

Krystyna Chervinska
Event Manager

Anastasiia is responsible for organizing the office work and supporting the Art Center team in programmatic and organizational matters. She has worked and volunteered in journalism, translation, short film festivals, administrative management and service.

Anastasiia Moloko
Administrative Manager

Mariia is responsible for the development and implementation of the Art Center’s communications strategy. She studied international business and has experience in international internships and team project management.

Mariia Shvets
Senior Communication Manager

Former Finance Manager

Liliia Beі
Former Finance Manager

Former office and event manager at Jam Factory Art Center

Sofiia Korotkevych
Former Project Manager, Event and Office Manager

Former project manager at Jam Factory Art Center

Bohdan Hrytsiuk
Former Theater Project Manager

Former Arts Project Manager at Jam Factory Art Center

Oksana Karpovets
Former Arts Project Manager