Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution that plays a key role in reflecting and presenting contemporary processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, opening opportunities for public dialogue.


Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution that addresses the challenges of our time and takes a critical stance on global and local processes in society to strengthen and promote its development. Through our exhibitions, theatrical performances, music events, educational initiatives, and community-oriented projects, we engage people in dialogue and enrich their experiences and knowledge.


Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution. In our understanding, this means being active in a specific time and space, taking a critical stance on societal global and local processes, as well as presenting and supporting artists and art professionals who demonstrate active social and political engagement in their particular circumstances.


We welcome people of all backgrounds and strive to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and engaged.


For each project and program, we involve professional researchers, curators, experts, and artists to create a high-quality art interaction experience.


Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are our core values. We constantly strive to be a space where people can freely think, create, collaborate, and communicate to build a more inclusive and sustainable culture.

Critical stance

Jam Factory Art Center is a place where art professionals freely express their positions and challenge established norms and beliefs.


We believe that art and creativity are universal experiences capable of shedding light on the challenges we face in our local and global communities. By implementing socially responsible projects and upholding democratic values, we contribute to the development of civil society to create a fairer world.


We apply ecological approaches in our activities, such as waste minimization, the use of renewable energy sources, and the repurposing of construction materials. We have an electric vehicle charging station on our premises, and we engage in waste sorting and resource conservation.


Our proactive team is the driving force behind the art center’s work. Since 2017, we have been implementing artistic, educational, and community-oriented projects in contemporary art.