Excursion by artists of the exhibition “Navigation 2023”

We invite you to an excursion by artists of the exhibition “Navigation 2023”

May 12 | 19:00


Continuing individual and collaborative artistic practices, the participants created 9 projects that reveal their way of living the war personally and as members of larger and smaller communities.

Artists face death, destruction, and the impossibility of returning home or to the “before” state. Loss of security, home, loved ones – all of this prompts us to re-answer the question of who we are. Artists are looking for ways to talk about their traumas through the voices of animals, mutilated fields, strange creatures, natural and supernatural forms. The way to salvation here is the preservation of sensitivity to oneself and the world, the ability to sympathize, preserve memory, find connections and talk about common things.


Navigation is an integration program that Jam Factory Art Center initiated for artists who moved to Lviv after February 24, 2022. The program of events is designed to promote integration into the cultural and artistic field of Lviv and the professional development of participants.


  • Yuliana Alimova, Kharkiv
  • Sofiia Bylym, Kharkiv
  • Nadiia Velychko, Khrustalny/Kharkiv
  • Marharyta Zhurunova, Vinnytsia
  • Bohdan Lokatyr, Lviv
  • Iryna Loskot, Kharkiv
  • Anton Malynovskyi, Mykolaiv/Kharkiv
  • Daria Molokoiedova, Kramatorsk
  • Viktoria Teletien, Donetsk/Kharkiv
  • Illia Todurkin, Mariupol
  • Anna Cherkas, Kharkiv
  • Dariia Chechushkova, Odesa


Curators of the program: Bozhena Pelenska, Olena Kasperovych

Exhibition curator: Olena Kasperovych