Multimedia performance “Emergency suitcase of records Dr.Bugg”

We invite you to listen and see intellectual poetic and musical material, which will be an impetus for reflections on our new everyday life.

Sound: Doctor Bugg (Pavlo Lisovsky) + GOSH
Visual design: Starson_UA (Sofia Avdeeva)
10/12 (Sat) 19:00 | St. Mekhanichna 5, Lviv
entry is free upon registration:

Release of new music and declamation ̶b̶i̶o̶ wartime material for EP by Doctor Bugg+ in the scenery of Starson_UA graphic identity. Synthetic action consists of songs and animated covers for them. Each song is like an armored beetle or a bright firefly that crawled out or flew into the background of today’s military reality during another blackout.
The visual design is presented through the allegorical image of a “disturbing case of vinyl records.” The record is as archaic as the war in the 21st century, but both are back in fashion today.


The event takes place within the framework of the integration program “Navigation.” We are grateful for the support of the ZMIN Foundation, the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and the Goethe-Institut.

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