Final exhibition of the “Navigation” program

Relocated artists have created artworks that reflect their condition, personal stories, and reflections. We present 11 graphic, painting, photo, and video projects and a performance.

22 th of Dec 19:00 - 30th of Dec

The conductors of personal and painful stories in the works are non-human creatures: animals, birds, trees, natural landscapes. They are the ones who talk about anxiety, loss and sadness. Through them, an attempt to anticipate, predict great changes, danger, and tragedy is realized. Artists are looking for ways to remember, recall, record their state as it was at the very beginning, in February 2022. Notes and sketches made in the first days of a full-scale invasion become the basis for the projects presented at the exhibition: reflection projects, projects as defense mechanisms and ways of fighting. Along with experiencing traumatic experiences, there are also attempts to find places of peace, to learn about new environments and communities through visual exploration.
New emphases are placed on issues of collective memory and memory politics, the importance of documentation and ways of remembering. The artists of the “Navigation” exhibition offer to go through their personal archives of the war, from recording states of fear and anxiety to the search for liberation and recovery.

📌Participants of the program:
Sofia Avdeeva, Kharkiv
Eduard Balula, Kharkiv
Maria Bogomolova, Kharkiv
Yurii Golik, Kharkiv
Kateryna Drozd, Bakhmut/Kharkiv
Mykhailo Zubchaninov, Kharkiv
Evgeny Korshunov, Brovary/Kyiv
Svitlana Kosheleva, Khrustalne/Kharkiv
Oleksandr Kuchynskyi, Severodonetsk
Eliza Mamardashvili, Zaporizhzhia/Kharkiv
Vitaly Matukhno, Lysychansk
Oleksiy Minko, Berdyansk/Kyiv
Olena Mordyk, Kharkiv
Lilia Petrova, Kharkiv
Anton Tkachenko, Kharkiv
Yuriy Shtayda, Kharkiv
Vladyslav Yudin, Kharkiv
Olena Kasperovych is co-curator of the program, curator of the exhibition
Bozhena Pelenska is co-curator of the program, program executive director of Jam Factory Art Center
We give complete freedom to artists in expressing their position. The point of view of the artists may not coincide with the position of the institution.
Navigation is an integration program for artists who moved to Lviv after February 24, 2022. The program of events is designed to promote integration into the cultural and artistic field of Lviv and the professional development of participants.
We are grateful for the co-financing of the ZMIN Foundation, the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, and the Goethe-Institut.