Let’s talk about modernity | 24H extended

The international exhibition of modern art “Let’s talk about modernity” featuring artists from Lviv, Warsaw, Wrocław and Berlin.

30 October –10 November 2019
Jam Factory Infopoint Mekhanichna str. 1, Lviv

In their works, the invited artists the participants of the exhibition are exploring various aspects of the modernism heritage. Their works allow everyone to delve into diverse elements of modern art – its themes, language and instruments. For most of our participants, this exhibition is the first chance to exhibit their works.

The exhibition opened on the 30th of October 2019 at the Jam Factory Infopoint that served as an office for the team and place where Jam Factory Art Center events take place. It was located near the Jam Factory itself. The exhibition was one of the last public events at this venue before it was demolished. Numerous artists and curators were present at the opening, including Antoni Burzyński (Warsaw), Paulina Olszewska (Berlin) and the curators of Krupa Gallery (Wrocław). Following the presentation of the main exhibition consisting of art objects, kinetic installations, graphic works, photographs, several video works and projections, an American-German performer Jos McKain did a performance in one of the factory warehouses. The exhibition tour was curated by Paulina Olszewska.

This project is a part of “24 H” series that was created in 2017 and presented in numerous cities, including Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Nürnberg, Lublin and Poznań. The central idea behind this series is realized in the short art, taking place for 24 hours straight at locations that don’t necessarily function as art platforms. The Lviv exhibition was the last of the series and lasted 10 days.

A significant feature of the “24 H” series events lies in the link between two cities: the one that organizes the exhibition and the foreign one. Berlin was chosen as Lviv’s partner city because of its multinational and vibrant art scene.

Учасники та учасниці проєкту

Jenny Brockmann
Jenny Brockmann Germany
Anna Baumgart
Anna Baumgart Poland
Luke Jaszcz
Luke Jaszcz Poland
Karina Marusinska
Karina Marusinska Poland
Jos McKain
Jos McKain USA-Germany
Karol Komorowski
Karol Komorowski Poland
Yura Biley
Yura Biley Ukraine-Poland
Oleg Perkovsky
Oleg Perkovsky Ukraine
Yurij Savter
Yurij Savter Ukraine
Maya Schweizer and Clemens von Wedemeyer
Maya Schweizer and Clemens von Wedemeyer France-Germany
Kama Sokolnicka
Kama Sokolnicka Ukraine
Elena Subach and Viacheslav Poliakov
Elena Subach and Viacheslav Poliakov Ukraine
Open Group
Open Group Ukraine

Exhibition curators

Paulina Olszewska
Paulina Olszewska Ukraine-Poland
Antoni Burzynski
Antoni Burzynski Poland