Jam Factory Art Center presents its first performance focusing on the democratic system.


July 30, August 1, August 2. 19:00
Mekhanichna st. 5
A team of people from different cities and professions, with diverse backgrounds and views on social processes, tests the democratic system in the process of creating a performance. Applying personal experiences and diversity of positions and views, we test how an attempt to create a democratic process works in such a small but diverse community.


In the space of the theater, which involves the open co-existence of people, the question arises whether this process really stands behind the need to create a community or perhaps an arena for which everyone chooses their right to vote.

We have some idea of what democracy is, but it never fully satisfies us. Each conflict situation becomes a challenge, an obstacle on the way to consensus, to the dreamed of utopia, that well-ordered garden in which a place for necessary plants is pre-determined and preventive measures are provided against unwanted ones. And how to enter the conflict as a process with the potential for change that forms local natural connections and non-universal solutions? Perhaps, when we voice our needs and visions, pointing out the weak sides of the current order, we will be able to reconsider the world that exhausts and relentlessly hunts for new utopias on Earth and somewhere else.


Director Roza Sarkisyan creates the performance, playwrights Yoanna Vihovska and Lyuba Ilnytska, architect Nelya Moroz, and performers Nina Stepanko, Anya Na, Roman Kryvdyk, Vlad Vazheevskyi, Anton Romanov.

The project manager is Bohdan Hrytsyuk.

The performance takes place in the AIR Space, where the team sang and studied sympoetics for a month. Now we are ready to invite you here.

The ticket price is UAH 100. You can get flowers here.

The Jam Factory Art Center organizes the project in partnership with the Human Rights Education Center in Lviv with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation and Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises.


Roza Sarkisyan
Roza Sarkisyan Performance director
Yoanna Vihovska
Yoanna Vihovska Playwright
Lyuba Ilnytska
Lyuba Ilnytska Playwright
Bohdan Hrytsyuk
Bohdan Hrytsyuk Project manager


Jam Factory Art Center
Jam Factory Art Center
Human Rights Center in Lviv
Human Rights Center in Lviv