The opening of the Jam Factory Art Center

We announce the opening of the center of contemporary art – Jam Factory Art Center

November 18, 2023
Jam Factory Art Center

Opening Program November 18

  • 15:00 – Arrival of guests
  • 16:00 – Welcome speeches from the heads of the institution – Harald Binder, Bozhena Pelenska, Tetyana Fedoruk, and representatives of the city and state authorities.
  • 17:00 – Opening of the exhibition “Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Searches, Our Us” by the curators of the exhibition – Borys Filonenko, Kateryna Iakovlenko, Natalia Matsenko
  • 17:30 – 18:30 – Curated tours of the exhibition “Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Searches, Our Us.” No registration required
  • 17:30, 18:00, 18:30 – Curated tours of the historical exhibition in the tower “From the Josef Kronik Factory to a Center of Contemporary Art”. No registration required
  • 19:00 – 20:30 – Concert by Mariana Sadovska and Christian Tome “Learning From The Light.” In collaboration with Safiye Lenter-Qizi.
  • 20:45-22:00 – Grisly Faye concert

November 19

  • 14:00 – 21:00 – Opportunity to visit the exhibition “Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Searches, Our Us”, the historical exhibition, and the Art Center’s public space. The Jam Cafe and Jam Bar will also be open.
  • 14:00 – 15:00 – Historical tour led by Olha Zarechnyuk of the Pidzamche district and Znesinnia, concluding at the Art Center’s historical exhibition (registration closed)
  • 16:00, 19:00 – Performances “Nobody Died Today” by the Kharkiv Theater Nafta Location: 5 Mekhanichna St. (registration closed)

The opening

It is finally happening!

After eight long years of revitalization of the old Jam factory, years of great expectations and hopes, after eight years of gaining invaluable experience in the realization of art events and projects, we are ready to invite you to share with us this great milestone – the opening of Jam Factory Art Center!

On November 18, 2023, you can enjoy a finely curated art program and visit new places at B. Khmelnytskoho Str. 124.

At the opening, you’ll see an exhibition, “Our Years, Our Words, Our Losses, Our Searches, Our Us,” compiling over one hundred Ukrainian artists’ works. Natalia Matsenko, Borys Filonenko, Kateryna Iakovlenko, and the team of our institution worked meticulously for a year to curate this exhibition.

At the ancient tower, there will be an exhibition portraying the history of the building of the Jam factory and Pidzamche district, and after the grand opening, the tower will remain the exhibition’s permanent residency. Other revitalized public spaces will be available, the Jam Cafe and the Jam Bar among them. The opening of the latter two became possible thanks to collaboration with 23 restaurants

We’re getting ready to meet you with great enthusiasm and anticipation. We will share more details about the opening soon, so stay tuned!


Since 2015, when a renowned cultural entrepreneur and Ph.D. in history, Harald Binder, bought the building of the old Jam Factory to found a contemporary art center, hundreds of people with us have been waiting for the Jam Factory Art Center to open its main gate to the public. 

During those eight years, we were developing as an institution simultaneously with the revitalization processes. Building our strategy, forming local and international partnerships, expanding our team, and gaining experience by organizing art programs and events in spaces we could open earlier.  

We were able to curate 17 art projects that varied in duration from a few days to years. In such places as Infopoint, AIR Space, and Novo 1 six exhibitions and four theatrical performances took place along with more than a hundred other events: performances, lectures, workshops, presentations, premiers, and excursions. 

The experience helped us refine the art center’s program, which consists of several directions: performative, musical, visual art, and community-oriented projects. Now, we are ready to scale up our activities and enter a new phase in the history of our institution by finally announcing the opening of the Jam Factory Art Center. 

Words of gratitude

This event was made possible thanks to the efforts of our team which is the main driving force behind our institution: Harald Binder, Bozhena Pelenska, Tetiana Fedoruk, Herbert Pasterk, Levko Pidzharyi, Rymma Hladka, Anna Haidai, Olena Kasperovych, Yuliia Sapiha, Liuba Ilnytska, Mariia Kosiichuk, Vladyslav Bilonenko, Krystyna Chervinska, Anastasiia Moloko, Mariia Shvets, Yuliana Chorna, Dmyto Chyryk, Roman Barylyak, Zoryana Slysarchuk, Polina Zapolska, UIlyana Kudla, Nadiia Sarayeva, Anastasiia Vasylenko.  

We thank our construction and architectural partners for their diligent and high-quality work with our art center. Our gratitude goes to Atelier Stephan Rindler, Delta Ukraine, AVR development, 7CI Group, Balbek Bureau, and others.

We’re grateful to our colleagues who participated in our projects, initiated and developed important ideas. And also to all visitors sharing the joy of being a part of the art center with us. 

We’re also grateful to our volunteers who inspiringly help the team. 

The special immense gratitude goes to the people whose courage made the opening of the art center possible – to our military men and women. We thank you so much! 

Pre-opening. Photos by Sofiia Soliar