Lecture “To love or not to love. How did performance appear?”

October 26, 2019, 7:00 p.m.

The art of the 20th century made its first steps towards finding the solution to the problem of relations with the space in a way it never did before because it never could and never really had such a need. To put it simply, along with the context, the performance appeared.

The lecture of the director and theatre curator Olena Apchel dealt with the performance as an indispensable part of contemporary art and culture. How did the performance appear? How is it connected with theatre, painting, dancing, and actionism? How is it different from the other forms? What performance tools appeared thanks to the specific ideas of the specific artists? And, lastly, who is the performer?

As Marina Abramović said, “Many don’t like performative art because they saw a lot of bad performances. Frankly speaking, a person rarely witnesses a good one.”


Olena Apchel
Olena Apchel