Audiovisual performance Ujif_notfound TER.RAIN (AV) + electronic jam session

Ujif_notfound (Georgiy Potopalskiy) — the Ukrainian mediaartist and composer, resident of the experimental music label KVITNU, participant of Nova Opera, co-founder of Photinus studioand the first school of new media art — BLCK BOX.
18 September 2022
Jam Factory Art Center Mekhanichna St./ 5, Lviv

About the event

Audiovisual project TER.RAIN was founded as the dedication to the cities, interpratating their landscape, that emerge on the crossing of nature and traces of human interference – contours of roofs, furrows from cars, paths. Since the beginning of the invasion, it took a new tragic sense, dealing with the now ghost cities. Imperceptibly for the viewer, real spaces and illusions flow into each other, and are generated in real time and exist only during performance.