What We Do in the Face of War

Because of the terrible full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, the plan to open the Art Center in August has been shattered. But our will to pursue our goal is and will remain alive.

Now we work in an emergency mode to meet the needs of our country at war. Our halls and basements have become distribution centers for humanitarian aid and are giving shelter to refugees and civilians from the neighborhood. Individually, the members of our team are volunteering and providing security for our own families and friends.

As an art institution, our special concern remains the cultural sector which we consider to be our country’s major soft power. In response to the ongoing full-scale war against our country, we are launching the “Artists in War” program to support the communities of independent art and culture in Ukraine.

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Jam Factory Art Center team is committed to implement its vision: opening an interdisciplinary center of contemporary art in the revitalized space of Jam Factory premises, which through its educational activities, exhibitions and research will reflect current processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, and will open opportunities for public dialog.


Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution. To us, this means being active in a certain space and certain time, taking a critical stance towards global and local social processes, as well as representing and supporting artists and art professionals who show active social and political interest in their particular circumstances.

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Jam Factory Art Center is a space for presenting new art trends and discovering new names, a place for implementing our own and partnered cultural and art projects, holding brought in exhibitions, art festivals and performances, a platform for international cultural and artistic collaboration.

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