Novo 1

Novo 1 is a multifunctional space that is a workshop for artists, a lecture hall, a conference hall and a theater hall.

Jam Factory Art Center continues to open new spaces.

We share the good news with you – we have completed the revitalization of the new multifunctional space and even managed to hold the first public event in it. It continues our practice of building multidisciplinary spaces, which was started by Infopoint and continued by Air Space. The premises are multifunctional: for meetings, public events, theater performances, rehearsals, workshops, lectures, discussions, film screenings, etc.

The time of work on it coincided with the time of a full-scale invasion. The activity of the space started with the rehearsals of the theater project Face to Faith. After the rehearsals, the venue hosted a public event for the first time – a discussion about art in war. Below, under the space, there is a reliable shelter, which is actively used by the residents of the Pidzamche district. The space is still in the process of improvement, insulation and addition of small details.

The building was built in the Soviet period. In the past, it was used as a warehouse for a perfume factory. The adjacent building of our space was previously used as a public toilet of a road construction company. We repaired it and adapted it for our needs.

The real challenge for us was to bring the building to its proper appearance. As a result of the renovation work, we adapted it to the needs of a multifunctional space.

Address: Lviv, Mekhanichna Street, 5.

Jam Factory Nova 1