AIR Space

AIR Space is an interdisciplinary platform for comfortable interaction and co-creation.


AIR Space is the air needed “to make works of art,” as Johannes Cladders pointed out. 

AIR Space is a comfortable platform for professional art practices as well as for interaction and co-creation with local dwellers.

Interdisciplinary AIR Space encompasses everything: the art studio for residences, the gallery for exhibitions, and space for rehearsals, workshops, lectures, discussions, movie screenings, etc. It is a cozy spot for meetings and communication.

The activity of the space started with the MagiC Carpets art residency “I am where I am fine.” The residency embraced a series of workshops by Ukrainian and Italian artists for Pidzamche teens. The transformations and artistic experiments of the teens took place within   AIR Space walls and right on the streets of Pidzamche. The aim was to investigate the district’s capacity and self-expression through various art practices.

AIR Space was opened on September 17, 2020, within the final exhibition of the residency “I am where I am fine.” Fresh air filled the interdisciplinary center AIR Space to encourage international and local collaboration, mutual creation, and exploration.

Address: Lviv, Mekhanichna Street, 5.

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