Processing of banners into craft materials

The posters from Magic Carpets residency received a new life in the form of craft products: bags, covers, cosmetic bags

October 1 - November 1, 2020
Jam Factory Art Center

The transformations practiced by the participants of the project “I am where I feel good” continue. Remember the bright posters that decorated the Jam Factory in the summer? They received a new life in the form of original craft products: bags, covers, cosmetic bags.

It all started with a workshop by Jacopo and Guandelina, when they and their teenagers “transformed” into new creatures, using artistic practices: creating costumes, masks, housing for these creatures, performing on stage, walking around the city in unusual images.

Photos of this process grew into 4 large-scale banners, which embodied the ideas of the project: the study of their area, interventions in public space, freedom of expression. This idea is called “subvertising” (from the English words subvert and advertising) – anti-ads for statements that do not have the opportunity to enter the public space.

In our projects and practices, we always take into account the environmental friendliness and reusability of materials. These subjects demonstrate that the approach of conscious consumption can become the basis for independent artistic work. After all, the things in the photo will be presented at the exhibition of the Kaunas Biennale in Lithuania next year.

The project is implemented within the international platform MagiC Carpets with co-financing from the European Union Creative Europe program. Find out more about the project here.

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