HBCE Grant Program

2017-2021 and beyond

HBCE is committed to furthering cultural sustainability in Ukraine. With the help of its Grant Program it has been supporting projects and initiatives which contribute to strengthening the country in art and education. Cultural productivity is a fundamental asset in the development of a strong civil society and an essential driving force towards growth and international competitiveness.

In 2022 HBCE’s own biggest project, the opening of the Jam Factory Art Center, will finally become reality. With the new institution in place, HBCE’s support program will become part of the institutional activity of the Jam Factory. Although now localized in its own venue in Lviv, the broad geographical and thematical outreach realized in the grant program 2017 – 2021 will continue to be one of its essential dimensions.

As a bridge to the future, HBCE’s jury has decided to conclude its grant program by supporting one of the major cultural events in Lviv over the past years, the Cultural Congress, to be held between October 14 th and 17 th. Finally, we would like to thank all those institutions and individuals who have contributed to the success of HBCE’s grant program in the past four years. We may be concluding a chapter but our aims and spirit remain.