Navigation. Integration program for artists

The program of support and integration of artists who were forced to move to Lviv due to the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine.

1 October - 22 December 2022
6 Events
Jam Factory Art Center
The “Navigation” program had provided support to artists who were forced to move to Lviv due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. We wanted to create conditions in which artists will feel more confident in the new environment of the city, will receive a network of professional contacts, will be better oriented in the professional cultural and artistic field of Lviv, will be able to present their projects to the already existing Jam Factory audience and the professional community of Lviv, continue or renew their artistic activity, start new projects, including ones in cooperation with local artists.

Artists participated in different events, which contribute to their integration into the cultural and artistic field of Lviv and professional development:

  • Networking sessions with local artists, gallerists, curators;
  • Lectures on the art history of Lviv;
  • Walks through Lviv with researchers of the city and the history of architecture and art;
  • Acquaintance with cultural institutions of the city;
  • Workshops and master classes according to the professional level of the participants.

In addition, all course participants had got to the following types of support:

  1. Scholarship for the duration of the course;
  2. Providing a platform for the presentation of art projects and their promotion (film screenings, artist talks, performances, pop-up exhibitions);

In addition, according to the internal competition, some participants had received the following types of support:

  1. Financing the production of individual art projects;
  2. Financing the production of art projects in cooperation with local artists or other program participants;
  3. Provision of workshops for project implementation.


Sofiia Avdeeva, Kharkiv
Eduard Balula, Kharkiv
Mariia Bogomolova, Kharkiv
Yurii Golik, Kharkiv
Kateryna Drozd, Bakhmut/Kharkiv
Mykhailo Zubchaninov, Kharkiv
Evgeniy Korshunov, Brovary/Kyiv
Svitlana Kosheleva, Khrustalne/Kharkiv
Oleksandr Kuchynskyi, Severodonetsk
Eliza Mamardashvili, Zaporizhzhia/Kharkiv
Vitaliy Matukhno, Lysychansk
Oleksiy Minko, Berdyansk/Kyiv
Olena Mordyk, Kharkiv
Lilia Petrova, Kharkiv
Anton Tkachenko, Kharkiv
Yuriy Shtayda, Kharkiv
Vladyslav Yudin, Kharkiv


Olena Kasperovych
Olena Kasperovych Co-curator and project manager
Bozhena Pelenska
Bozhena Pelenska Co-curator
Sofiya Korotkevych
Sofiya Korotkevych Project manager
Mariia Shvets
Mariia Shvets Communication manager

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